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A RO is required to be serviced once in a year to replace  all its filters including RO membrane a perfect taste of water so that your family remain safe & healthy foreever.

[/tab][tab title=”HOMEGINI ADVANTAGE”]

HomeGini is an all brand AC service Provider open 7 days a week. Our Service Technicians are Professionally Trained to troubleshoot any kind of AC fault. Some of our Service specialties are :

  • All Technicians are experienced for more than 3 years.
  • All Parts are supplied by the respective brands.
  • We do not fix any Unbranded or compatible parts while service.
  • Cleanliness assured after service.

[/tab][tab title=”TERMS & CONDITIONS”]

The charges covers service for RO used for home purpose only.

[/tab][tab title=”ACCESSORIES COST”]

Accessories Price (Rs)
RO Membrane 1200-1800
Filter Set 800-1200
 Pump 1800-3000
 Power Adapter  1500-2500



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